Award Winning Eureka Springs Coffee

Our coffees are shipped to us the day they are roasted and ground fresh each day for your drinking pleasure. We offer coffee by the pound, whole bean or ground.

Coffees of the Americas

These selections include Central and South America, tend to be light to medium bodied, with floral and spice aromas and bright, clean flavors.

Colombia Supremo

"French Roast" : This well-balanced favorite is known for its consistent reputation. A great all around coffee... nice acidity, medium to full bodied with a clean finish.

Organic Costa Rican

This "strictly Hard Bean" is grown on the Pacific mountain slopes from 3300 to 3900 feet. A superb classic coffee with a hearty bold taste. Excellent at any time of day...well-balanced acidity and a medium body.

Guatemalan Organic

Lively, acidic, well balanced, mild flavor and heavy body, distinctive smokiness. Subtle but unforgettable.

Mexican Organic

A buoyant, sweet aroma, tangy acidity and hints of chocolate that linger on the palate.

Coffees of Indonesia

Renowned for their rich full flavor, heavy body, and soft acidity. Indonesians are some of the best known coffees of the world. Their smooth syrupy characteristics make them a favorite of many coffee drinkers.

Sumatra Mandhelding

This coffee is purchased more than any other from our roaster. everyone loves its satisfying full body and syrupy richness that stands up to milk like no other coffee... smooth in the cup with a low acidity.

Premium Blends

Blending is a serious business. It takes skill, experience and of course, good taste. Each blend is the result of an artful balancing of coffee characteristics.

Sumatra Mandheling Blend

Sweet, herbal aroma, full flavor. Grown in the rugged highlands of Northern Sumatra. Grown and processed by small village communities.

Breakfast Blend

This blend is a contemporary version of a blend created by the Dutch in 1740. It combines Middle Eastern and Indonesian beans that result in a brew of heavy body with aroma and flavor that are complex.

It begins sweetly on the palate, with notes of fruit, earthiness and spiciness, finished brightly in favorable acidity and a lingering, chocolaty aftertaste. We call it Breakfast Blend, but this coffee is a great finish after any meal.

Mud Street Blend

Our darkest roasted blend of Central American and Indonesian coffees. The Central American beans provide the initial brightness of favorable acidity, the Indonesian bean offers a wonderful earthiness that lingers on the palate, and the dark roast adds caramelizing that enhances the natural sugars in the coffees, without the over-sweetening. For dark roast enthusiasts this is the one.

Decaffeinated Coffees

You will have a hard time distinguishing our decaffeinated coffees from their counterparts. Only the finest arabica decaffeinated coffees available are chosen and then carefully roasted to their peak flavor.

Columbian Decaf SWP (Swiss Water Processed)

High quality beans are need to withstand the process of decaffeination. That is why we start with only the best quality beans Columbia has to offer. We then us the Swiss Water Process to produce a 100% chemical free, decaf coffee.

Espresso Decaf

Enjoy an intense espresso without the caffeine. Rich Sumatra Decaf and well-balanced Colombia Decaf combine for a smooth, dark taste. Wonderful aroma and a true flavor that satisfies.

Espresso Drinks

The serious coffee lovers coffee. Rich, strong, bold, and hearty. A European favorite.


A coffee beverage made in seconds using pressure to push hot water through freshly ground beans. A "shot" of espresso is about 1.25 ounce serving in a miniature espresso cup. This is the classic preparation and is usually served with sugar.


A shot of espresso combined with a bit of steamed milk and a generous topping of foamed milk.

Caffe Latte

A shot of espresso combined with a cup of steamed milk and topped with just a touch of foamed milk. One of the most popular choices.

Caffe Mocha

A latte mixed with chocolate syrup. A great introduction to espresso, even for the non-coffee drinker. Lattes and mochas can also be mixed with any of the many flavorings we offer. Please ask your server about our available Da Vinci syrups.


A shot of espresso mixed with hot water to achieve the consistency of drip coffee.

Espresso Con Panna

A shot of espresso with a gentle head of whipped cream.

Caffe Breve

A latte made with half and half instead of milk for a richer drink.

Caffe Macchiato

A shot of espresso with only a light lid of milk foam.

~ Available selections may vary by day ~

Coffee's Nuances of Flavor

Coffee flavor and aroma may be classified according to geographic origin. Coffees get much of their flavor from the specific growing conditions and preparation methods of each producing region. Each region has common characteristics that you can learn to recognize.

Coffee Terms


Acidity is a desirable characteristic of of specialty coffees, it does not mean harsh or bitter. It refers to the lively, high notes felt on the edge of the tongue and is described as brisk, snappy, tangy, winy, fruity, soft or tart.


This term is used to describe the thickness or "mouth feel" of coffee; a sensation primarily caused by the amount of vegetable fats and microscopic coffee particles suspended in the brew. Body is described as light, medium, or heavy and full.


This is the combined effect of body, acidity and aroma. Terms used to describe flavor include: rich, complex, balanced, full, sweet, winy, nutty, rich, mild, spicy, smooth and dark.

Make it Your Own at Mud Street Cafe

Don't hesitate to individualize your coffee drink. Ask your barista (your espresso bartender) for any of the following:

Flavored - Add Da Vinci Syrup of your choice.

Iced - Served over ice or as a blended drink.

Whipped - Served with whipped cream topping.

Skinny - Using non-fat milk.

Why Bother - Decaf.

No Nothing - Decaf and skinny.